At Home With Charlotte

Hi everyone, I’m Charlotte, ex cafe owner, shopkeeper of I love to dream, write, and I’m always down for a cup of coffee.

My perfect day would be having a good nights sleep and waking up to the sunlight pouring into my room. I’ll make myself a cup of iced coffee (lately I’ve been having a cold brew with milk!), stretch for a bit and get started on whatever project I have on hand - writing an article, preparing for the next collection, or whatever life brings me.

(Charlotte wears the Sarah Summer Tank in Cotton Blue)

I normally clock in a few hours of work before I need a break, have a snack, scroll through instagram to get some inspiration. I like to end of the day with a short workout (I just started Chloe Ting’s programme) and have a refreshing shower, before chatting with my boyfriend or friends over zoom and unwinding with a couple of episodes of whatever I’m currently in to on Netflix.

(Charlotte wears the Andrea Breeze Crop in Glacier)

My favorite spot at home is my room, for sure! I recently decided to give it a revamp, starting with repainting the walls (they were pink, as chosen by 12 year old me!) and moving my furniture around. I love how it looks now, so cosy and comforting. I also love that it’s the perfect place to watch the sunset, and I never fail to catch it every evening. 

Im definitely someone who used to follow fashion trends a lot, but over the years I’m looking to invest my money in pieces that I love and can last me a long time. I love neutral tones and flowy fabrics, and it’s always a plus if it’s sustainably and ethically made.

(Charlotte wears the Andrea Breeze Crop in Glacier)

I’ve always been in awe of people who can embroider and I think it’s such a lovely skill to have! I managed to attend a workshop shortly before circuit breaker started and I’m glad I did because working on my little projects is such a fun way for me to pass my time. 

"Flowers all blossom at different times, and so will we."

The Trybe team's note: Charlotte recently wrote a beautiful article on her personal journey through and in this season.

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