At Home With Victoria

At Home With Victoria

I'm Victoria, co-founder and instructor at boOm® Singapore, a functional fitness studio. At boOm, we provide a holistic and engaging workout in an un-intimidating environment. I'm both a home body and nature lover. You're likely to find me in bed by 10pm (if even) and awake at 6am.
(Victoria wears the Sobana Flash Tight in Wine)
I live for sunrises and cheesy rom-coms and spend my me-time on instagram liking pics of dogs and elephants (my favorite animals), and other furry animals of course (cause they're all special).

(Victoria wears the Stephanie Knotted Crop in Midnight)

While I love fitness, I'm not your typical extreme-always-going-ham sort of person. Fitness is a body-mind-soul experience for me. That's why I prefer long walks with fresh air to get my heart pumping, clear my mind and appreciate the moment I'm in and the world that surrounds me.


(Victoria wears the Sarah Summer Tank in Cotton Blue)

A perfect day would start with a morning run/jog/walk with my husband and pup so that we can be out when the sun rises, followed by an afternoon of Netflix and baking with the hubs again. An afternoon nap has to fit in somewhere to make it all the more perfect. Naturally, my favourite spot at home would be my bed or the kitchen (yes, I'm lazy and always hungry) 

(Victoria wears the Chloe Infinite Bra in Canyon Rose)

My personal style is ultra feminine or just simple. Contrary to what people perceive of fitness instructors, I'm usually in dresses. Otherwise it'll be jeans and a basic tee, it's quite the polar opposite but I love both ends of the spectrum.

I've always wanted to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, as was planning to do it this year, but then COVID hit. Perhaps at some point in my life I'll be able to.

 boOm® Singapore has opened up an online class gateway that offer inspired versions of their BoomBox and boOmCAMP classes available on Zoom. Catch Victoria and her husband Bryan, together with other boOm instructors and workout in the comfort and safety of your own home. More details can be found here

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